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 Check out what work we are doing, what the ethos of mutual aid is, and how you can join our community!


The Black Bear Mutual Aid Fund is a non-profit organization led by a group of students, faculty, and staff at the University of Maine. The purpose of the Black Bear Mutual Aid Fund is to alleviate economic inequality and hardships in the UMaine community by supporting networks, acts, and norms of mutual aid and community care.



The Black Bear Mutual Aid Fund not only serves as an organization to redistribute funding to alleviate economic hardships within the community, but we also serve as an organization to build a culture of community care and resiliency. We believe that everyone needs help sometimes, and that’s just a part of being human. We understand that there is a significant social stigma against people experiencing financial insecurity, especially when it comes to asking for help, but we strongly believe that no one should feel ashamed or afraid of asking for help. We are here to bring people together and meet the needs of the community however we can. 


Check out our Funding Request page for more information on BBMAF and other local resources!



We believe in directly facilitating the redistribution of resources from areas of abundance to areas of scarcity so everyone can have access to the funding and resources they need. If you have disposable dollars or money, please consider Donating to our fund. And if you find yourself in need, please check our Funding Request form.

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A culture of mutual aid lies within the prioritization of community building. We understand that connection and a sense of belonging are the foundation of any healthy community, and we are actively working to make UMaine a place of solidarity and interdependence. We would love to welcome you into our BBMAF community and invite you to check out our How to Get Involved page!



Our organization actively prioritizes shifting cultural paradigms of charity, individuality, and isolation towards solidarity, community care, and interdependence. Together, we can build a culture of community care for all Black Bears!

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